Studienkolleg courses

With the help of German Education Studienkolleg courses organize preparatory courses in content and language aspects for those who want to obtain a bachelor degree in Germany.

Since the school certificate is not equivalent to the German-Abitur diploma all international students willing to study in Germany are obliged to take part in preparatory program called Studienkolleg.

Preparatory courses are held in different areas (medicine, engineering, economics, computer sciences and etc.) and last for 10 months (II semester). In the end of the course students participate in the exam called Feststellungsprüfung (FSP). Students who passed the exam successfully gain the opportunity to study Bachelor program in Germany.

Высшее образование в Германии

Preparatory courses are divided into three major areas:

  • M-Course (medical sciences, biology, chemistry and etc.)
  • T-Course (technical sciences, computer sciences, engineering specialties and etc.)
  • W-Course (economics, MBA, social sciences and etc.)

Advantages of Studienkolleg courses:

  • No entrance exams
  • Studienkolleg certificates are accepted by all German universities
  • Accelerated procedure of visa issuance
  • Visa support
  • Accelerated improvement in language skills within a short period of time and etc.

Application requirements: German language skills on B2 level (if the level of proficiency is not sufficient, language courses are organized to bring it to the required level).

Place: Berlin or Bonn

Beginning dates of the course: 23.01.2017 and 24.07.201

Duration: 10 months

Fees: 5 900 euro*

* Fees for services provided by German Education are not included

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