Schule Schloss Salem

Schule Schloss Salem

Schule Schloss Salem - is an elite gymnasium with campuses in Hohenfels, Salem and Überlingen in Baden Württemberg. All campuses are 20 minutes away by transport from the lake Konstanz which is near borders of Switzerland and Austria. Mountains in the Alps covered with snow which are visible behind the lake give to the area where school is situated a unique beauty. The school is 1.5 hours away from the international airport Zurich and 2 hours away from the city Stuttgart.

Schule Schloss Salem, one of the most elite schools in Europe, is famous worldwide for its comfortable campuses with a variety of technical equipment, perfect infrastructure and superior study programs.

The school was established by the educator Kurt Hahn with support of Prince Maximilian of Baden in 1920. Prince Philip of Greece, Queen Sofia of Spain, Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark and other notable individuals were alumni of the school during many years of its activity.

Schule Schloss Salem contributes on revealing potential capabilities of every pupil and, at the same time, improves skills necessary for overcoming hurdles that might arise. The process of learning is based on two main principles: “learning based on personal experience” and “learning based on practical experience”. Experienced teachers of the Salem school develop scientific and intellectual skills of pupils as well as abilities to solve problems and questions arising from all social and public life activities on the basis of healthy competition principle.

Application requirements

  • high grades in a secondary school
  • German/ English language skills (level of proficiency depends on the school year)
  • application process is possible from the 5th school year


There are from 14 to 22 pupils in each class. Every pupil can choose between German and English as the primary language of instruction (before starting with main courses pupils are attending language courses for reaching the required level). Pupils who have completed study program, namely Abitur or IB (International Baccalaureate) and passed final exams are eligible to continue their education in prestigious universities in the world.


German, English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, Social studies, Music, Computer Science, Mental and Physical education and Art. Every pupil has the right to choose a second foreign language: French, Latin or other alternative language.

Schule Schloss Salem

Extra-curricular activities

In order to spend leisure time rationally a wide variety of activities are being offered by the school: golf, theatre, orchestra, classic ballet, modern dance, soccer, volleyball, basketball, archery, rock climbing, American football, taekwondo, swimming, pottery, smith craft and many other activities.


There is a school parliament in Schule Schloss Salem formed by pupils. With the help of parliament pupils are directly involved in making important decisions for the school. This experience plays a significant role in terms of acquiring skills of leadership and being publicly active. There are different programs offered for self-development as well. All students of Salem depending on their desires and interests can participate in one of these programs once per week.


Boys and girls are living separately in comfortable rooms for two persons in each with an internet access. Healthy food is served three times a day (vegetarians and those who have health problems get individual menus).

Residents of a campus are protected for 7/24 with equipped facilities. A person, called “mentor”, lives together with pupils, helps them with all questions arising from everyday life activities and, at the same time, supervises them. In most cases, mentors are chosen among teachers of the school. Every mentor who is in charge of 6 rooms (12 pupils) carries out control over their learning process and leisure time organisation. Pupils can refer to doctors located either at the school or at the place of residence in case of arising health problems.


34 000 – 36 000 € per year

Fees include: tuition fees, accommodation and food served three times a day. Fees do not include cost of services offered by the company German Edu.

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