Schloss-Schule Kirchberg

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The school Schloss-Schule Kirchberg is located on the picturesque bank of the river Jagst in Baden Württemberg. This gymnasium is considered to be one of the leading gymnasiums in Germany. It is situated near the cities such as Stuttgart (98 km), Nurnberg (111 km) and Frankfurt am Main (185 km).

The school, established in 1914, is very famous for its alumni during a century of its activity. Among alumni were many notable scientific and political activists.

All graduates of the gymnasium, the member of the Association of Elite Gymnasiums in Germany, have the right to pursue their education in the best universities in the world. The Schloss-Schule Kirchberg gymnasium is prominent for its rich experience of working with pupils from many different countries. It guarantees pupils successful completion of studies in prestigious German gymnasium by starting with an invitation for learning German within a short period of time and for integrating into a German culture. One of the main activities of the gymnasium which is specialized on natural sciences and culture is to discover potential capabilities of every pupil and to develop them further both at the school and beyond it.

Application requirements

  • application process is possible from 9-11 school years
  • high grades in a secondary school
  • knowledge of German on B2 level (before starting with studies pupils attend language courses for reaching the required level)

Mandatory courses

Four hours per week: German, Mathematics, English, French, Latin, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, Social studies, Art and Music. Two hours per week: Mental and Physical education.

Elective courses

Two hours per week: Computer Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Literature and Theatre. Three hours per week: Chinese, Seminar Course.

Extra-curricular activities

There is a broad selection of activities for pupils for spending leisure time interestingly and useful: fitness, golf, yoga, theatre, classic ballet, modern dance, art, smith craft, soccer, volleyball, basketball, American football, taekwondo, swimming and more).


Boys and girls are living separately in comfortable rooms for two persons in each with an internet access. Healthy food is served three times a day (vegetarians and those who have health problems get individual menus). Residents of a campus are protected for 7/24 with equipped facilities. A person, called “mentor”, lives together with pupils, helps them with all questions arising from everyday life activities and, at the same time, supervises them. In most cases, mentors are chosen among teachers of the school. Every mentor who is in charge of 8 pupils supervises their learning process and leisure time organisation. Pupils can refer to doctors located either at the school or on the place of residence in case of arising health problems.


34 000 € for the 1st year, 29 000 € for subsequent years

Fees include: tuition fees, accommodation and food served three times a day. Fees do not include cost of services offered by the company German Edu.

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