Internat Schloss Buldern

Internat Schloss Buldern

If you are in the process of searching for the best school where your child can obtain superior education, the Schloss Buldern School could be one of the promising choices. It is located near the city Munster on the area with beautiful and picturesque nature. Munster is 27 kilometres away from the Münster Osnabrück International Airport.

The Schloss Buldern School was established in 1958. The main purpose of it is to provide pupils with individual development, high quality education and filling the gaps in knowledge occurred during their education within previous years.

Application requirements

  • application process is possible from 9-11 school years
  • high grades in a secondary school
  • knowledge of German on B2 level (before starting with studies pupils attend language courses for reaching the required level)


The study process of the school is based on two priorities: high quality education and individual development of a pupil. Individual approach to every pupil contributes to the possibility of revealing all possible potential skills. Highly experienced teachers and the right to choose among offered courses create broad opportunities for successful learning.

Each class consists of 14-22 pupils. The study program is scheduled for 12 years, however, those who are struggling with difficulties in studies are provided with a possibility to complete the program within 13 years. Graduates of the school who have successfully passed final exams based on Abitur program obtain the right to pursue their education in the most prestigious universities in the world.


German, English, Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Computer Science, French, Chemistry, Social Studies, Spanish, History, Music, Latin, Philosophy, Greek, Geography, Biology, Literature.

Extra-curricular activities

There is a broad selection of activities for pupils for spending leisure time interestingly and useful: fitness, golf, yoga, theatre, classic ballet, modern dance, art, smith craft, soccer, volleyball, basketball, American football, taekwondo, swimming and more). Apart from that, entertaining programs and excursions are organized in weekends. (Paris, Prague and etc.)


Boys and girls are living separately in comfortable rooms for one or two persons in each with an internet access. Healthy food is served three times a day (vegetarians and those who have health problems get individual menus). Unlike other schools, the Schloss Buldern School allows parents to visit their children in weekends.

Residents of a campus are protected for 7/24 with equipped facilities. A person, called “mentor”, lives together with pupils, helps them with all questions arising from everyday life activities and, at the same time, supervises them. In most cases, mentors are chosen among teachers of the school. Every mentor who is in charge of 6 rooms (12 pupils) supervises their learning process and leisure time organization. Pupils can refer to doctors located either at the school or on the area of residence in case of arising health issues.


30 000 € per year

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