German schools

German elite gymnasiums offer first-class school education. These schools have long traditional history

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Courses for schoolchildren

Educational and language tours for schoolchildren in Germany, who wishing to obtain a german education

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Higher education in Germany

Education in Germany is an important investment for the future. German universities are well-known for the quality in education by having old tradition as well as scientific and technical experience

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Education in Germany

Regardless of whether it is a school or a university studying in Germany is the best investment for the future for those who wants to build a perfect career and become a first-class expert. The perfect features of German education are the following: diversity, opportunity to study in English as well as in German, the wide range of discounts for pupils and students, low accommodation and food expenses, opportunity to travel throughout Europe during holidays. Those who have graduated from elite gymnasiums get an opportunity to pursue their education in prestigious universities, and those who are alumni of German universities can find a job in any countries of the European Union.

Taking into account the growing interest in studying in Germany, students must start with an application process as early as possible. This plays an important role both for applying to the university and for the subsequent arrangements of moving to Germany.